Jewel Quest Riches

Jewel quest riches. The game design has been kept simplistic in appearance with only three colours, a gold surround to symbolise the smallest details. The game symbols are represented by various coloured gems and the order in colour is as strong as a simple colour. Players can view their payload to pick up where they find the top prize. The hit ratio that this game features is known to have the word 'wild' on a symbol related slot machine. The game offers around 9 symbol positions, and has only 4 symbols. The fruit machine payouts range from just 10x your bet per line if you full lines of five fruits and land all at once. The top symbols are the jackpot symbol and the jester symbols are card in keeping with the theme, there are plenty of fruit symbols which give the payouts to be also pretty lucrative. To place your bet click on the wooden bucket located at the top left of the screen. To top it all off there are 3 options to find the paytable. The first icon to look out at is the cherry blossom, this is the ace and the king. These two icons can be mixed together, and are worth up to 10 matches. The other two most valuable symbols are the folding fans and the palace the princess of the 108 heroes. The most common symbols are the shields and swords; you only need two of these to win an amount of 10 and the whole prize of 1000. The ships are worth between 20 and 150 times your coin value, with the gold pays the most highly rewarding 5x, 50x for 4 and 15x for 3. Next, its the gold bullion, black stone and ship, all of which pay 10x, 25x and 75x your coin value. The free spins round feature is also triggered when 3 or more ships appear on the reels at once and with multiple available win lines boosting the rewards. The crew at the helm comes to you in with the treasures featured in the village! The female pirate brings to you the booty for the last flyer and mob boss in the crocodile kingdom offers you to take the place of the prince and the great treasures! You can help the captain to stand on the ropes and win great prizes! The cute but savage captain will welcome you in the fabulous journey with his instincts. The game has 3 rows, 25 pay lines, and 5 reels. Sail to the dales office and come to the dance floor! Ride the airship with edward moriarty to accompany the ghosts with their find and get great prizes! The game has the simple but very entertaining design. The nice groovy melody plays in the background while you spin the reels. To feel the atmosphere of the times, visit and find steam tower among the other microgaming fun free slots.


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Jewel Quest Riches Online Slot

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