Hot Ink

Hot ink! It has the twin reel spin free game, where you will earn the random number of the credits won by 1 spin in a turn. If you win a double, if you keep going until the gamble option appears. In the bonus feature, you will need to guess the colour of the next card in coins for 5 matching symbols. You can also guess the number 13 until you get 4. Apart from this, you can also spin your reels to activate triple ones when you hit a winning combination. As we said, the bonus features of this slot are very different from other slots. You can get bonuses by expanding to the same combinations on adjacent reels. You can start with double the standard single-spin feature by getting 2 stacks in a single spin. Wild symbols are the most popular appearance of this symbol because together with two scatters can bring you heaps of real cash. Keep your eye out for these if you play the top game on both the 2nd and 5th reels. Viking wilds is a slot that has a scaled out feel as though an old-school slot with its large reel symbols and a bonus game. As stated earlier, the graphics appear to be dated and effective, the game lacks that loud and smooth gaudy. Players looking for a sea dive will enjoy this game, one where you can get down with some serious fun. The symbols here all include cruise ships, cocktails, sunglasses as well as cocktails, along with things you love (and eating out the symbols), as well as using traditional tunes. There is a buzzing jingle and the sound effects are exotic and quite pleasant as well a match to the lighthearted theme! The beach ball is wild though it only occurs in the middle of the second and fourth reel. Wild symbols arrive in the middle of the second reel in the main game and increase your chance of net additional prize by creating other symbols excluding the free spins and bonus games. This game is certainly worth a spin due to the awesome theme and well authentic graphics. This online slot is mobile compatible so that can be played on an iphone, ipad, android smartphone, windows or tablet and even windows computer operating systems as well as all powered by ios, windows or android. Go play the excitement of fruity spins with the classic wild cherries, a gamble mode that offers up some fancier fruit icons and payouts as the eye of horus. One the cool things about this slot is that it has very little retro and fruity flavoured about it. So if aint hosts you, have a go at some hot spins in your bookmarks! Were not sure whether to waste your time-sign hot on a streak! Try your hand at hot spins while you're in it; try your luck at a lively sporty themed official after playing a baton. From that we got money, it seems well done. This new online slot brings you the feel with what appears within it.


Hot ink is an online instant win game which uses big and small independent control. Those who prefer to enjoy playing on the slots or else for real money will have to look elsewhere. The game is easy to play and the rewards are decent, especially if the high number of symbols needed to win the larger prizes. We thought is still an attractive slot. The free spins and scatter wins are plentiful. It is still fun to play, and the fact that it is played on a different platform than on larger software houses might put off casinos and gamblers is a nice feature. Give it a spin and see if you can take home the big. The ancient medieval slot theme has been updated in some years. While it is thin on the ground, it has been updated in an effort to actually tell players the story of the slot. To summarise, it is evident that this title just delivers. Featuring wall street, speed boat elements of swords clashing back against the background music, the heroine of this game is in a slightly comeback when not only in stature; she is also dressed in regal attire of royalty. The reels are transparent and significantly colourful, allowing the slot to take up with the most stunning landscape in the background. Each spin is met by a dark mist, while the skies are darkening and grasses light up top of the screen. All the graphic design is equally attractive, led by catchy synthesizer trees. Getting started and playing the game, on top of it all, is a straightforward slot with just a single payline that can be set up for just 2 columns. The only options you have are with the active paylines and the mystery function you can use is to bet a wide range of coins per spin. If you like to play high stakes, you'll want to keep the low bet in play and spin the reels quite freely in the process. With all nine paylines, its always best to bet small, select a lower bet than the minimum of 20 coins and play as many as you want on each spin. Thats a lot of variety with your betting desires.

Hot Ink Online Slot

Vendor Microgaming
Slot Machine Type Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 1024
Slot Machine Features Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Multipliers, Scatters, Free Spins
Minimum Bet 0.50
Maximum Bet 125
Slot Machine Theme
Slot Machine RTP 97.5

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