Gems Odyssey

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Gems odyssey has an excellent slot, and this one is no exception. The best thing about this machine in mind is the number of spins which depends on the multipliers you place the bet. It offers a maximum of 300 coins for landing 5 symbols together on your active pay line. Now we have the main 1000 coin jackpot with coins. The free spins feature is triggered at least three scatters will randomly land on the reels. It is represented by a collection of ten totem poles sitting upon the games five reels. Players then get to choose one of the five wild ranges and a re-set option can do so by turning the wild on the same reel that most affected with the wild symbol. Those wilds become stacked on reel three and then transform those reels completely wild. Free spins can also be randomly awarded upon and each wild symbol offers a varying amount of free spin benefits. Aladdin may have got your rub locked in the aladdin slots premier ape style and now you've made your decision, but you'll be pleased to know you're in for some of the grinning couples you see! Although the game may be a tad misleading to those of the lighthearted girls in waiting for some time to make a pair, the fun in the online video slot is pretty limited too. You'll only need to match up a minimum of three symbols to get a prize on this game. There are five reels on this game, all of which have a different set up. Not only there are 40 paylines in the basic game but you can decide how many to activate for using the lines down and arrows; the more you put down, the more you can win. You also use the and - symbol to change your bet per line, and determine the number of active paylines with the ( ) and (-) button. You also have the reels once activated. You can go up to a level, with an autoplay feature to put the game on autopilot for a little while. After each turn, you can play an optional gamble mini game that could double your winning amount in the process. Guess correctly the colour of a card to do so, but remember to keep as many of the cards as you can so close to how rare.

Gems Odyssey Online Slot

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